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"The Value we bring through Mine Planning"

Welcome to AMP4U


Our Innovation: Our collaborative approach to each project means that we work alongside our clients to co-develop and implement innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions which emulate Best Practice Resource Development, Design, Mine Planning and Mine Scheduling.

​​Safety: ​Our safety motto is “Zero Harm to People and the Environment”.

​Safety is paramount to Alpha Mine Planning 4U and is built into our values system. We understand the importance of aligning consulting skills with today’s business objectives.  ​

“Zero Harm” is our top priority on all the projects and tasks. We demonstrate our commitment to our safety motto through our conduct in the workplace, onsite and at home.​


AMP4U is a specialised consultancy service to the minerals industry. A broad range of internationally recognised associate consultants complements the core staff.


AMP4U has conducted a wide variety of projects all over the world, including Australia, Africa, Russia and Indonesia. AMP4U has been operating since 2012 and over the years have completed an immense range of projects world wide.


AMP4U has completed a broad range of projects across the mining sector, and we are delighted to have worked with a diverse range of clients.



Unprecedented advances in technology and efficiency of production, globalisation, and access to reserves have facilitated rapid growth within and outside the resources industry. Against this ever-changing landscape, the enduring influence of commodity prices, exchange rates, infrastructure and product quality remains undisputed. More fundamentally, the key issues facing owners and operators of mines have not changed .

While the relationship between cost per tonne of production and the achievable revenue will always be dictated by the global price of commodities, and resources companies can successfully drive profitability by engaging authentic expertise in the mine design and planning process. This is the core competency of Alpha Mine Planning 4U. We pride ourselves upon our ability to assist companies to understand the key value drivers of a resource through mine planning and how their corporate strategy can be clearly developed and articulated around those key drivers.

Alpha Mine Planning 4U has been actively involved in the Coal and Hard Rock mining sectors world wide.  We are committed to maximising the value of mineral resources for our clients. Our core expertise in resource development planning extends from resource evaluation, mine design and scheduling to operational support in the Technical and Planning spheres.


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