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  • Mount Freda - Pit optimisation and design for an open-cut hard rock operation. Client Golden Mile.

  • Galilee UG - Miniwall design and scheduling for an underground coal operation. Client Waratah Coal. 

  • Styx UG - Bord and Pillar potential. Client Waratah Coal. 

  • Callide - Review of the short-term mine planning model. Client Batchfire.

  • A high-level value determination of an entire Coal Company in Australia. Client Confidential.

  • Neubeck Pine Dale open cut mine planning. An entire mine development from mine model development, margin rank, mine scheduling and mine closure planning. Client SRK/Centennial Coal/ Energy Australia.

  • KPC Pama - Steep dipping underground coal mine design and scheduling. Client PAMA Resources. {Project based in Indonesia}

  • Broadmeadow East - Conceptual underground coal design and scheduling. Client Bowen Coking Coal.

  • Raspadskyi 4 - Expert underground coal advice. Client Mine RP. {Project based in Russian}

  • Due diligence - Three open-cut coal mines that included reserves, model development, scheduling, dig/dumping, load and hauling. Client New Hope.

  • Moolarben - Dig dump and haulage modelling for EIS Case. Client Palaris

  • Premier Coal Mine - Reserves declaration. Client Yancoal.

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