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  • Galilee UG coal Project. This project entails the detail design and scheduling for an UG Thermal coal mine. This BFS study wrapped up in 2020. Client - Waratah Coal.

  • Life of Mine  Planning development for an OC coal operation. Client - Yancoal, Premier.

  • On-site technical assistance for an Open Cut coal mine. Client - Batchfire Resources.

  • Skaland UG Graphite operation in Norway. Decline, access, stope design and tonnage/driveage calculation for a Long-Hole Open Stopes operation.  Client - MRC.

  • Maxwell UG bord and pillar method. A new bord and pillar method designed. Client - Maxwell.

  • UG longwall mine design and schedule. Client - Yancoal/Sojitz through SRK.

  • Due Diligence on a Gold Mine in Central QLD. Client - Gold Mountain Resources.

  • Rehabilitation design and scheduling for the Argyle diamond Mine. Client - MACCA in WA.

  • Review of a mine planning and financial model. Re-reserve and development of a Mine Planning model. Client - New Hope Group.

  • Conceptual design, mine model development and scheduling for an UG coal mine. Client Mastermyne/Square Resources.

  • High-level margin rank, mine model development and scheduling for an OC coal mine. Client - Bowen Coking Coal.

  • Sign off as a CP on Open Cut Reserves. Client - Yancoal.

  • An OC gold project. Pit optimisation, shell design,mine scheduling and truck haulage analysis. Client - Ausmex

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